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Service not being installed

I have followed the instructions carefully on how to create an install project to setup my windows service application. I have the service (and supporting files) in the application section and I have checked "Installer Class" under the Com & .NET settings. After the installation is completed, the service is not installed on the PC. I don't know what I am doing wrong. The only thing that comes to mind is that its trying to use the 4.5 framework installer when I don't have that installed (just 4.0). Or maybe not. This is VS 2013. I can install the service without a hitch by hand using INSTALLUTIL and it works fine.

Any suggestions?

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Level 17

I would recommend that you use the Services view to install your Windows services, instead of Installer classes. Please see the Updated Support: Using InstallShield to Create an Installation that Installs Windows Services blog post for more information.
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