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Set dialog textbox to a Property value

I have previously used Installscript MSI projects and am new to Basic MSI so please pardon my ignorance.

How can I set the text of a textbox to a value in a Property?

I have a custom action that is executed before a dialog is loaded. This custom action uses MsiSetProperty to correctly set my [STATUS_TEXT] property. I know it has been correctly set via a sprintfbox display.

The next action is for my dialog to be loaded, however the textbox shows no text. The textbox properties show
Property = STATUS_TEXT
Text = blank - nothing written here

Why does the Textbox text not display my STATUS_TEXT property value?

I know in InstallScript MSI I would simply have called CtrlSetText function.
I have searched this on help but do not understand the help that says
"To call this function in a Basic MSI setup, you must first create a custom action for the entry-point function, execute the custom action in a sequence or as the result of a dialog's control event, and then build the release."
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Level 5


Everything seems to be good... :cool:

Are you sure that your "Set Property" customAction is in the sequence, between costInitialize and costFinalize ?

Have you used the wizard to make your "Set Property" customAction ?

Are you sure there is no error in the label of your property ? :rolleyes:

Are you sure your textbox can have enough caracters to display your property value ?

When you say "the textbox shows no text.", you talk about the textbox during the running of the install ?

Sorry for my bad english.
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Level 7

Problem solved. I had not put [STATUS_TEXT] in the text field of the textbox property.
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Level 2

How do you do the reverse of this?

I've added a dialog to an installer that prompts for a single string value, which is associated with a property called [MyPropertyName]. I'd like the user to enter a value in this box during the install which will then be used to create a subfolder under the install directory, as well as be the name for an IIS site.

The problem is that both those things are getting called [MyPropertyName] instead of whatever value was entered into the box in my new dialog during the install.

Obviously I'm missing something simple, but can't figure out what and it's driving me mad!

Any help much appreciated.
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