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Select language is not working with latest installer


Our project already have an installer (for e.g. version - 1.0).  I did some some changes in the existing installer, added some new string & added localization for them (updated version 2.0).

Earlier with installer 1.0, during installer upgrade on changing the language it is working fine. I'm able to see the changed language. But with my latest installer I'm not able to change language during upgrade.

Not sure, if it because of recently added strings, Do I have to upgrade the .mst files as new strings are added.

I dont see any error, but logs indicate the following.

Modifying TRANSFORMS property. Its current value is 'ProjectNameTransform.mst;1042.MST'. Its new value: '@ProjectNameTransform.mst;1033.MST'.

It is resetting the language to English.

Please help.

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