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Seeking advice on a differential release

Installscript project

So I have a mature Installscript project with GUID "A"
The project is now managed in nant by replacing certain tokens (Version number, product name....). This way the installer can be built by a build server (TeamCity in this case). The component input directories are refreshed with each build. So far, so good.

What if I want to create a hotfix? I figure a differential release is the way to go.

So would I create another project with the same GUID but have the 'Differential Media" set to yes and the "Object Difference" set to 'Include If Changed'?

What I can't figure out is how this will change the size of the final build? Won't this just cause the installer (at install time) to evaluate it's inventory versus what is in the previously installed product on the users PC and update as necessary? How does the second project know what the delta is to begin with?

I'm going in circles trying to figure out how the diifferential media setting works.
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Flexera Alumni

Please see the topic "Creating an InstallScript Release to Update Previous Versions". It's been a while, but I seem to recall that the Release Wizard asks you to point to existing releases, compared to which you want to build a differential release: the build process then figures out what's changed, and includes only the changed data. (So the delta is computed at build time, and not run time.)
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Level 6

Talk about going to the Oracle. Sweet !

I get it now. As long as I have a differential release under the Media tab and have it refer to the .hdr I want the diff of, it computes the differences and does the build.

Thanks Robert.
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