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SdLogonUserInformation and LocalSystem


I would like to grant the user the possibility to install the windows service under their desired user account.
I am using the InstallScript MSI-technique so I added the following code in my installscript:

nResult = SdLogonUserInformation ( szTitle , szMsg , szAssociatedAccountName , szAssociatedPassword );
if (nResult = NEXT ) then
MsiSetProperty(ISMSI_HANDLE,"SERVICEUSERNAME", szAssociatedAccountName);
MsiSetProperty(ISMSI_HANDLE,"SERVICEPASSWORD", szAssociatedPassword);

The problem is that I cannot install the Service under the LocalSystem account. When I leave the username and password field empty a dialogue appear telling me NOT to leave the fields empty.

How can I install the windows service under the LocalSystem account while still using the SDLogonUserInformation dialogue?

Thanks in advance
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Level 3

no one else faced this issue yet?
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