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DOT NET Version 4 in IS2010? i searched but still have a question

Hello everyone,

im using Installsheild 2010 creating a MSI package.

i need .NET4 in one of my applications and the InstallShield IDE proposes me onely 1.0/1.1/2.0

i made a search and i saw this poste

it's exactly what i did, i created the .prq file and downloaded the installer of .NET4

but in the IDE, the case "ASP.NET Version" i still dont see the 4.0 so i think i've missed something.

Could anyone please tell me how to make the .NET4.0 appear in the liste by default?
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Level 7

You should be able to type "4.0.30319" in the "ASP .NET Version" field of the Website. I haven't tried installing a .NET 4.0 web application but hopefully this would work. I don't know if you can make it show up in that dropdown.

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