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Save Large Amount of json Data in .msi/Public Property For Later Use in Custom Action....

Hi all,

Tough situation I have and don't know if there is any solution to it.  We need to save some configurations in json files during upgrade.  I created an .exe Custom Action to take care of it, but there is a problem.  The restore of the values as a deferred custom action in the execute sequence will probably work fine, but it the save of the values before RemoveExistingProducts that is causing the issue.

Years ago and for various reasons, we moved RemoveExistingProducts earlier in the sequence.  We would always have problems with .dlls missing during upgrade with REP sequenced in its default location.  For that reason, we cannot sequence the preserve part of the plan in place because it can't be sequenced properly to read the registry and create a backup file for use later.


So, is there any way that I can read and save the contents of a json file in some way in the .msi to be passed or accessed from an .exe custom action later in the execute sequence.  I don't mean passing the information to the custom action, but how to actually save the information for that purpose.

I was hoping I could read and dump the contents of the file into a PUBLIC property, but as a test I tried pasting the contents of the file into a properly value in the Property Manager view.  It appears to not like line feeds.

I'm hoping there is some clever way to do this, maybe using a tale I don't know about.

Any help, info, pointers would be Greatly Appreciated!!

Thanks in advance!

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