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Level 13

SUITE PROJECT: force exit from install

Is there a method for the Suite Project where I can force an exit from the install?

The reason I ask is that I have some conditions that are checked after initial startup of the setup. In one certain scenario I want to show a message indicating that the customer is to do X before proceeding with the install.
I can get a custom secondary window to show when the conditions are correct, however, inserting a Cancel button does nothing but just close the secondary window.

There does not seem to be a baked in method for forcing an exit from the UI either. I could create some custom dll action that just returns an 'exit' code, basically a failure, and I will detect the failure and then force exit. But this seems like a 'hack' at best. It would seem to me that the installation author can setup a condition in which the user is not able to proceed.

The other option is to create a standard wizard page I guess and just enable the cancel button that comes with a standard wizard page.

Any ideas?

Thank you.
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Level 12 Flexeran
Level 12 Flexeran

Depending on exactly when you need this, your best options are currently either Exit Conditions (configure these in General Information), or through a wizard page like the last option you listed. I think it would make a reasonable feature request to have a cancel action that would act like a wizard page cancel button (closing the secondary window, and proceeding to InstallationComplete if the user accepts). Although perhaps you could use Set Active Page off the secondary window's cancel button click already.
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