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SRCDIR with Nested Installs

I have a problem I'm hoping someone can help with.

Basically, I have an InstallScript project that configures a SQL Server setup INI file. At the end of that, it attempts to launch Setup.exe on the same CD that launches the SQL Server 2005 setup.

What happens, is when I use LaunchApplication (SRCDIR ^ "\\Setup.exe...etc); it launches the same installation that just ran, the one that configures the ini and calls setup for SQL Server. It doesn't even have the same name. The original is ConfigureSQL.exe and SQL Servers setup file is setup.exe.

Is there a better way of referring to the root of the CD drive where SQL's setup exists? I had tried GetValidDrivesList but had no luck with converting whatever was returned into a string to define the drive letter, so I could do LaunchApplication (szDrive + "\\setup.exe...etc).

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Level 7

Well, I am a little confused as to the directory layout here, but something does sound fishy. SQL's setup is called setup.exe, but so is the setup launcher that installscript generates, so if they're in the same directory, are you sure you're not just launching your own setup again and therefore kicking off the configuration again?

I am doing this same thing in an installer, but I keep my SQL setup.exe and related files in a separate folder so there's no ambiguity about where things are.
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