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Level 6

SQLServerSelect Browse List Empty

InstallScript MSI project.

I've added the SQLServerSelect Dialog. When I click on the Browse button, the list of servers is blank. I've seen other posts about adding a dummy SQLConnection which I have done and I have also added a dummy SQL Script under that connection. I've also created a feature called "Database" that is checked and the script is associated with that feature.

So, why is the list blank? If I go into SSMS and try adding a server, I see a very long list of servers so I know that they exist.


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Level 6

Looks like adding the following before calling the SQLServerSelect dialog makes the list work:


Sure would've be nice to know that from the documentation.
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Level 9

it is to find in IS Help Library:

"Using the SQL Run-Time Functions in InstallScript and InstallScript MSI Projects"

If you need to call one of the SQLRT functions before the OnSQLServerInitialize or OnSQLLogin events, you must first call the SQLRTInitialize2 function.
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