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Level 4

SQLLogin dialog problem.

I created Basic MSI project.
I have SQLLogin and SQLBrowse dialogs.
On SQLLogin dialog i can select SQL Server and then i try to select database. If i click "Browse database" button, all ok.
But if i type something in database name editBox, then click "Browse database" button and select existing db, edit box not updated! In truth db name changed (if return on previous dialog and again on SQLLogin, editBox will contain right value).
I found that comboBox works normally in such situation(browse database server for example), but i don't like such solution.
Can anybody explain such strange behavior and propose solution?
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Level 17

It is a limitation of Windows Installer that edit control fields will not be refreshed until you close and reopen the dialog once you manually modify them. Unfortunately, there is not much we can do for the issue.

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Level 4

Thanks for response hidenori!
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