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SQL Server 2014 won't install as a Feature Prerequisite


I have a Basic MSI project that needs to install SQL Server 2014 as a feature pre-requisite. I only want to install SQL Server if the user doesn't have their own instance that they'd like to use. I have SQL Server set properly as a feature pre-requisite and it begins installing at the correct time, however it just hangs part way through.

Here is what I think is happening... According to the docs, any pre-requisites that are MSI installs should be Setup Prerequisites and not Feature Prerequisites. Although the SQL Server install is not an MSI install, during the installation, it calls MSI's. I can verify this by watching the Task Manager and seeing Windows Installer appear in the list during the install. Sure enough, once it locks up, I can get it to start again by cancelling my Windows Installer app that called SQL Server in the first place.

So what are my options? Is there really no way to install SQL Server 2014 as a Feature Prerequisite?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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I found the solution. Basically, I had to add /SkipInstallerRunCheck to the SQL Server command line. See for more info.
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