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SQL Scripts - Status Message


Installscript 2013 project.

I have number of SQL connections, each connection has a number of SQL scripts. How can I modify the "Status Message" of the scripts en mass, without having to go through each individual script, click the elipises on the Status Message edit box and select the string to use. Needs to be done at project level or during the actual runtime installation.

It's a bit of a pain when we're dealing with hundreds of scripts.

I realise I could combine the scripts outwith Installshield and install fewer scripts but it's not a prefered option of ours as yet.


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There are several things you can try.
1. Editing this from the SQL Scripts view is NOT the answer. You will only grow grey hair. 🙂
2. Try direct editor and the ISSQLScriptFile table. This ties directly into the ISString Table and I ran a test and it allowed me to edit the string directly from this table. So you should be able to easily do a find and replace and just make sure you set the flag for 'search in current table only'.

3. If your text for whatever reason collides with another vital column such as the ISBuildSourcePath, or the Component, then you will need to figure out something more sophisticated like using Notepad++ and a regular expression with pattern matching and replace. This is far more complex because here, you would NOT modify this table. Instead you would have to figure out how to modify the string table directly. That is why it is more complex. Hopefully you labeled your strings with something unique that will allow for pattern matching if it comes to that.
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