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Error -1024 when building a project

I am converting some very old (IWZ) projects to run under Windows 7.

I am getting the following error during a build.

Billboard table successfully built
ISEXP : error -1024: File C:\HIW\HIEHRAdmin4422\build0001\Dev\hiehradm.exe not found. Cannot stream the file into the Binary table
Binary table successfully built

As far as I can see there are on longer any references to this file in the project.

The application installs and runs OK, I was just wondering how the remove this error.

Thanks Jeff
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Error -1024 when building a project

If the file is not in the project any more that is the subject of the error you may need to remove the file from the msi database with Orca.
The following are some suggestions to try to eliminate the issue.
Make sure that the custom action's file name section or the shortcut's icon section points to a valid path. These paths should be absolute paths.
Delete the custom action or the shortcut causing the issue and recreate it.
Make sure that there are no files in the Setup Files pane under "Define Setup Requirements" or "Define Setup Requirements and Actions" that have missing links or invalid paths.
The other alternative is to use Orca (a Microsoft utility) to delete entries from the Binary table that are left behind causing the error 1024 at build time.
Note: Only projects created in InstallShield Express 3.5 SP4 or later can be opened and modified using Orca. Projects created in earlier versions of InstallShield Express need to be upgraded to InstallShield Express 3.5 SP4 before using Orca.
See Knowledge Base article Q107066 INFO: What Is ORCA and How Can I Acquire It? to download and install Orca on your machine.
After installing Orca, open your InstallShield Express project file (.ism or .ise) in Orca.
Under the Tables heading on the left side in Orca, click on Binary. This lists all the entries in the Binary table.
In the list of entries, find the entry for which you get Error 1024. You should be able to recognize your entry by the path specified in error 1024 during build time.
Right-click on the row that contains your path and select Drop Row. This deletes that entry from the project.
Save your project in Orca and open it in InstallShield Express to build it again.
The following link is KB article for your error:
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