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Level 2

Run a batch file with arguements

Hello All,

I am a total newbie . I tried doing variety of solutions on the forum but nothing worked :mad: .

In custom actions I am using "After File Transfer" and creating a new exe

Source Location:File exists on target computer
File Location: [SystemFolder]
file name and command line:
"[SystemFolder]cmd.exe" /c "[INSTALLDIR]install.bat [DATABASEDIR]file"

wait for action: yes
ignore exit code: no

i have the install.bat in [installdir] and file in [databasedir]
while brunning it gives me an error
File [SystemFolder] not found Cannot stream the file into binary mode. error code -1024.

Any help would be appreciated.


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Level 8

pass [SystemFolder] in the arguments in place of [SystemFolder112].
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Level 2

oops ... I did that only..... I passed [systemfolder] only in he arguements..... That was a typo ... sorry for that
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