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Returning a License



I wanted to return a license for InstallSheild Professional Edition however, I am not able to see the "Return" button after clicking on the Product List, Product Name . Can you please me urgently as to how I can return the license as I have to install it on another machine? 


Thank you!


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Flexera Alumni

Hi @dmcgloin1 ,


The way of return depends on the type of licensing you use:

  • If it is node-locked licensing use TSConfig /return command.TSConfig.exe you can under [IS-INSTALLDIR]\[ISVERSION]\System(Eg:C:\Program Files(x86)\InstallShield\2015\System)
  • Below article talks in detail about return for different versions:,location&include_tkbs=true&location=category:Flexera_Software_Community&search_type=thread

  • Generally if you aren't able to see return option in customer portal, it might be due to number of returns limit would have exceeded.

Please contact Flexera support in that case via:

Or you can also contact via mail,




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