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Retrieve value from registry and set on a combobox in a Dialog

Hello, we have a Basic MSI project in which we have created a custom windows with a selector that show to the user a combobox with some options

The default value in the selector is defined in the Property Manager


In the first installation, the user will set this comboBox with a value from a list READINFORMATIONFROM such as CD/HDD/USB/NETWORK

When selected value is set and the installation process start, we use a InstallScript method that store the selected option on a windows register key

My question is: How can I retrieve the previous selected value of the user stored in the regedit in another future installation and show the same "dialog" with the selected option read from the same registry key if exists?

I have made another installScript method to read the value from the registry, this is not my problem, but I do not know how to perform the relation between the Dialogs combobox and the property linked from the registry value to set it from registry if exits or show the ordinary list if not.


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