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Retain registry keys during upgrade and remove them in uninstall


I want to create single image software installer (exe) using installshield. Requirement is as follows:
In first version i.e. clean install, software will install some registry keys (with default values) on target machine and the values of these registry keys will change during usage of software. In second version of software i.e. upgrade, I need to keep values of registry as it is. If software gets uninstalled, remove these registry keys.
Can anyone please suggest me which Installshield version/flavor (i.e. limited/express) should I use to achieve this?

Thanks in advance.
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Not sure how many properties you have but you can use "System Search" in Behavior and Logic section to get registry values and store them in the property so the same values will be rewritten to the registry on upgrades. They will also be removed when uninstalled.
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