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Resource DLL's don't get installed with product

I have created an installation, and I seem to see this more and more in my installations. I am adding to the files, the content, debug, etc... so the installer will figure out all the dependencies. When I create the installer, some files get put in the bin, but others are in the common folder where they are referenced. Please see the attachment as it shows that it is putting some of the files in the correct spot, but others in the common files folder.
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Again, no answer or anything from Flexera? Paying $250 for an incident seems outrageous to help fix a bug.
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Flexera chiranjeevi

Re: Resource DLL's don't get installed with product


Could you please kindly provide us a replicable sample to investigate the issue further?

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Without providing my computer and/or source code, I am not sure how I would go about this.

Here is a possible example of how you might be able to replicate the issue:

1) Download and install Active Reports Version 7 and install (I am sure the trial version would be fine, since its the same as the full version)
2) Create an ASP.NET Project .Net 4.0
3) Add a report
4) Compile and Run...
5) Add an Install project
6) Add the standard Content, Debug, etc for the Files. I added them all as I want to distribute the code as well.
7) Compile and Build the solution, I am using the Release - Single Image - Check to see if all the Dependencies go to the BIN folder and not somewhere else.

This is all I have done, and you should be able to replicate this. I will try it on a new project myself and see if it happens.

Otherwise, someone could remote into my development machine and look at what is happening. Feel free to give me a call.

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