Requried multi language support in single project

we have upgraded Installshied Premier edition 11.5 to Installshied professional 2011 edition 17 version and we have successfully activated the product, but while converting the 11.5 project to latest Installshied 17 version we are getting localization error (Refer Figure 1). Earlier in Installshied Premier edition 11.5 we had 3 languages included in single project and we are looking forward to add some more languages in the single project but after upgrading to Installshied professional 2011 edition 17 version, it doesn’t support more than one language.

when we referred the features of Installshied professional edition before purchase, it clearly stated that it supports multi language (Unicode support) but after installing Installshied professional edition it is not letting us to enable the multi language feature(Refer Figure 2).so please let us know the procedure to enable the multi language feature in Installshied professional edition as early as possible.
(Figure 1)

(Figure 2)
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You need Premier edition.

InstallShield 2011 Premier support 35 languages.
InstallShield 2011 Professional support one of 35 languages(you can select the language during installation).
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Kevin is right; it sounds like our feature listing may be somewhat easy to misunderstand. The premier edition is required if you want to support multiple separate localizations of your product. The professional edition now supports adding characters from any language to a single localization's strings. The former lets you translate; the latter merely lets you use a little bit of any language in your one primary language.
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