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Replacing selective files during upgrade.

So here is the deal.

I am deploying a set of files in my basic msi project and I want that except one all the files should always be replaced whenever the upgrade occurs. I have added all the files by dynamic link except the file i wanted to keep as i had to modify its properties. Please help! I know its kind of a basic level knowledge but any kind of help is appreciated. Thanks!
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Level 13

If I am reading this correctly, one of the files should never be upgraded, correct?
If so then make sure you flag the component for this file as never overwrite.

If the file is not in its own component then you may have a problem. You basically have to remove everything else from the component, leaving only the file that needs to never be overwritten. All the other files place in their own components.
If you are only doing major upgrades then this action will not cause a problem for you. If you want to support 'patches' - minor upgrades, then you will need to author each of those other files into the RemoveFile table I believe.
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