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How to connect to Oracle database

Hi folks,
I am new to Installshield. I am using Installshield 2012. I wanted to connect to Oracle database( instant client) and run SQL Scripts using Installshield. Can any one let me know what's the process to connect to Oracle Database. Thanks in advance.
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Level 2

I have done it.
Install Oracle Client on the working machine
Set the path of the oracle and bin directory in Environmental C:\Oracle\bin; C:\Oracle\
Setup tnsnames.ora in the network folder.
Copy tns_admin from other machine. Set the path of tns_admin in Environmental Variables
Install ODBC (not Microsoft ODBC ) but Instant Client ODBC. Check in the Registry Editor. You will have {Oracle in instantclient_11_2} in the ODBC registry.
Open installShield and Set the New SQLConnection in SQLScripts
In the Requirements tab check on Oracle and uncheck the rest.
Now go to Direct Editor-->ISSQLMetaData and set the below properties:
AdoDriverName: {Oracle in instantclient_11_2}
AdoCnxdriver: DRIVER=
AdoCnx Server: Dbq=
AdoCnxuserid: User Id=
Adocnxpassword: Password=
AdoCnxWindowsSecurity: OSAuthent=1

Now I am able to connect to my Database.