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Level 7

Replacing InstallShield text with Graphic in Footer

I'd like to replace the InstallShield graphic in the footer for the setup programs we created either with our company name or a graphic. Ideally, it would also be respected by the skins.

Is there a simple way to do this?
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Level 9

I don't think there's a simple way to do this.

probably you need to use the dialog skins.....

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Level 7

That's not good.

How do I create new skins or take an existing skin and customize just this part of it? Are there any resources explaining this?
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Level 7

I wasn't able to change the title or graphic in the footer, but I was able to replace the sidebar graphic with one that included our product and company logo.

It turns out that InstallShield has a feature to do this. It's outlined in their tip paper by Robert Dickau (starting on page 4):

I was able to create a nice graphic that is added to the setup files, and referenced through this:

function OnBegin( )
// change the interior-dialog banner

Using the Blue skin, the graphic is sized for 220 x 395 pixels, and has a background color that matches the skin. The RGB color code is 61 102 171

The result is a UI that conveys our image more professionally. Hope this helps!
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