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Repeated re-run of Basic MSI project with no Maintenance UI

With an InstallScript project one can create the package with the "No uninstall or maintenance" option so that it is no entry is made in ARP and the exe can be re-run without uninstalling or maintenance. (We have used this technique for some configuration options that we wanted to re-run and validate.)

Is there a way to mimic that behavior using a Basic MSI project?

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Hi @tgreer ,

In a Basic MSI project—To prevent your product from appearing in the Add or Remove Programs, you can set the Windows Installer property ARPSYSTEMCOMPONENT to 1 in the Property Manager. Note that setting this property simply suppresses the display of your product in Add or Remove Programs. An end user can still remove your product by running the installation in maintenance mode or from the command line.

And, see you can sequence dialogs in a such a way to skips the maintenance dialogs if it is already installed and continue with installation always.


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