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Removing redundant components?

I have a product at version 3 which had a component (FRED) -names have been changed to protect the innocent- FRED contained some data files which were placed in PROGRAM DATA.
At version 4 we have removed FRED and introduced a new component called FREDA with similar content also placed in PROGRAM DATA.

When you install version 4 it upgrades version 3 successfully, but both versions now appear in ControlPanel/ARP and PROGRAM DATA contains both sets of files i.e. a folder called FRED and a folder called FREDA.

How do I ensure that FRED is completely removed when I upgade to version 4?

I can find no way of marking a Component for removal, and I am not sure if the RemoveFiles (Direct editor) will work if Component FRED is no longer in the product.

Any advice gratefully received
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Re: Removing redundant components?

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Flexera tjohnson1

Re: Removing redundant components?

You can also author version 4 as a Major Upgrade so that it uninstalls version 3 before installing:
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