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Removing Merge Modules during an patch

I made several changes to a basic MSI project, created a patch, and when I try to install it over the previous installation, I get "error 2705 invalid table directory could not be linked as tree"

I suspect this may have to do with Merge Modules. I removed a Merge Module and added a new one between updates. I noticed in the FeatureComponents table that Merge Modules are actually stored in components, even though they aren't shown in the component view. I know you can't remove components when building a patch, but do the same rules apply to Merge Modules?

Thanks for your help.
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Level 7

From the Patching White paper: "If a component has been removed from an existing feature, or if a component code of an existing component has changed, a major upgrade is required. (Note that this rule applies equally to components in merge modules.)"

I guess this answers my question. Thanks.

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