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Removing CustomerInformation Dialog messes up the Shortcut after install finishes

I am working on an MSI, and i am wanting ot remove all unnecessary dialog boxes. I already removed the license agreement a while ago and everything is fine. However, when i remove the CustomerInformation dialog box the shortcut that i have added in the "System Configuration" area to the Startup Group does not work in Technician mode. I know this probablem seems very strange to me and i cant figure out why removing this dialog box would affect the shortcuts that are being added to the Technician account at all. The shortcut is added to the Administrator account and works fine.
Does anyone know why in the world this CustomerInformation box would affect the MSI from putting the Startup group shortcuts on the Technician account?
I have read several ways to pass in values for the Customer information but i do not see how this would help at all, i would like to eliminate that dialog ( and the SetupType and CustomSetup dialog as well - those i took out also, but things didnt work right until i put customerInformation back in...)

I am very confused, please help ! 🙂
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Flexera Alumni

Removing that dialog box might keep the ALLUSERS property from being set properly. If that's the case, you might look into setting ALLUSERS by a different means; please see the "Per-User vs. Per-Machine Installations" help topic.
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Level 5

Thank you so much i was finally able to figure it all out from what you said.
I went ahead and created a Property called ALLUSERS and set its value =2 since i am running this install on Vista only and this seemed to take care of the problem. I had no idea that CustomerInformation box was even doing anything. I could tell it was doing something after i took it out and the install didnt work anymore, but then i couldnt figure out what it was doing! Thank you for the info!
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