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Level 7

Remove value from Path variable on uninstall


I want my setup will remove a value from the PATH environment variable only while uninstall and if component condition is TRUE,

So I have updated the Environment table directly with this
Name: -*Path
Value: [~];[[SOME_VALUE]
Component: COMPONENT_A

I have set the COMPONENT_A condition to be NOT Installed OR (Remove=”ALL” AND COND=”TRUE”)
So the component will be installed on clean one ( actually does nothing ) and remove value from path on uninstalled in case the condition is TRUE.
How can I make this to work ?

( The value in the path not necessarily was created by the setup I’m uninstalling
and I have BASIC MSI project )
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Level 13

You can write a Custom Action to do that. Set your CA to run in the 'Install Exec Sequence' with a condition of REMOVE.
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