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Remove old shortcuts when applying a patch?

My base product installer creates a desktop shortcut "MyApp" (MyApp.lnk). (key name NewShortcut1)

My patch installer creates a shortcut "MyApp SP1" (MyApp SP1.lnk) (key name NewShortcut1) I just changed the display name.

From what I understand from googling about that, I need to use the direct editor and add an entry in the "RemoveFile" table; the documentation is not really clear about how this beast should be used.

I created an entry like this:

FileKey: remove_old_shortcut
Component_: bin_exe (this is the component in which the shortcut is created, as seen in the shortcut property)
FileName: MyApp SP1.lnk
DirProperty: DesktopFolder
InstallMode: 1

FileKey: Is this (should it be) the key name of the shortcut ? or is it the file key of the table entry ?
InstallMode: when I install the patch, I assume I need to delete the old shortcut which is when I put 1 (install when the component is installed ?)


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Level 4

That seemed to have worked.
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