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Remove Ini values when multiple instances are enabled

Each instance adds a section and values to the ini file, but only the last instance uninstall removes the entries added for that instance (RemoveIniValues). How do I removes entries added by each instance on instance uninstall?

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Hi @uswins2000 ,

 Mostly, it is because of the shared component. you can check whether your component is shared or not from the component view. The component belongs to the ini Files changes, you can get this component from the INI File changes view. Then go to the same component in the components view, and see the component shared or not. If it's shared is "yes", then can you change it to "No" and verify the behavior again.

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Thank you, @banna_k . Tried that - but did not work. What I noticed from the log files were that the following two operations only execute for the uninstallation of the last instance - so neither the ini files are "updated" on uninstall of the second or later instances nor are any empty folders in the installdir removed

Executing op: ActionStart(Name=RemoveIniValues,Description=Removing INI file entries,Template=File: [1], Section: [2], Key: [3], Value: [4])

Executing op: ActionStart(Name=RemoveFolders,Description=Removing folders,Template=Folder: [1])

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