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Release a license to install Install Shield 2015 on a new server

HI There,

due to the outdated OS on the host we have to install an already activated license on a new server.

The old server is switched off and will stay like this.

What do we have to do to release the license from old - and activate on the new server?

Product: Install Shield 2015 Premier Edition





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Level 13

Can you:

  1. Start the old machine
  2. Start  the InstallShield IDE
  3. Help
  4. About InstallShield
  5. Record the serial number
  6. Return License

Now it will be available for activation on the new machine.

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Flexera Alumni

Hi @pfresenborg ,

Adding few more details to it:

  • If you could start the machine,yes you can follow the steps mentioned.
    • There is one more way to return via executing command line-TSConfig.exe /return by keeping the directory as c:\Program Files(x86)\Installshield\2015\System
  • If you can't switch on the machine,please feel free to contact Flexera support via



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