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Relative path to Application Files


I am creating an installer that needs to include a couple static (not generated by building my app) files that I have in a folder that is located in a standard (for us) relative position from the output folders of my application. I want to have those files included in my installer and placed on the target machine. This works fine, but unfortunately, IS seems to want to put in the absolute path to the files and not a relative path. So, if another developer tried to us the same Installer Project, their absolute path to these files might not work.

Is there some way to do an "Add Files" that takes files from a path relative to something related to my specific project location?

Thanks for any insight on this issue,

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Level 2

Any resolution on this yet?
I have exactly same problem with additional files which are not built by the VS solution but saved in a sub directory of the parent SVN project.
We REALLY need to be able to handle relative paths.

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