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Level 2

Reinstallmode is defaulting to 'vomus'

We have BasicMSI installer project, and we have set the reinstallmode and reinstallmodetext to vemus(also tried emus). But the actual command line parameter passed is REINSTALLMODE=vomus.
We are versioning dll files in our project but we also have too many unversioned files(resources...) so we would like to avoid using 'Always overwrite' on them and use reinstallmode vemus instead.

I`ve also created fresh test BasicMSI project that will only install one file and basically only added Reinstallmode = vemus and also changed reinstallmodetext = vemus.

1. installed test project first time
2. increment product version in installshield project and build it
3. upgrade => in install log i still see REINSTALLMODE=vomus

I would really appreciate any help, since i was unable to find any solution online so far.
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Level 9

I guess this is a Minor Update. In this caase, the REINSTALLMODE is not coming from inside the msi but is passed from setup.exe on the command line. And unfortunately I think this is hard coded. However: Please note that vomus does not mean "always overwrite" (unless you specified this in your project in the file settings). Are you sure the files get overwritten? According to this flow chart, identical files should not be overwritten if they have a hash:
And InstallShield automatically creates hashes for non versioned files (unless you specified otherwise in the file settings)
Stefan Krueger
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