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Level 3

Register a file path.

Hi all,
I needed some help in achieving the following:
I have a jar file which i install along with other files. I need to add an entry to the registry for the path to this jar file.
The application code uses this path to that jar file while running.
Depending on where the user chooses to install the application , how can i add this path to the registry value.
Would i need to handle this differently for 32 bit/ 64 bit system? :confused:

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Level 6

when you add a registry key value you can add a build-in value or Property like so


example:(msi property)

At install time these will be replaced by there current values
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Level 3

Thanks for your help. I was able to get the path to register as value.
Still have not tried on a 64 bit system but i think it should be fine.
Thanks again.:D
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