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Level 9

Localization issue with built in dialog boxes

Our software supports many different languages and we have noticed that some of the dialog boxes do not come up translated such as the "Windows Installer" - "Preparing to install..." dialog box.

Since this is a built in dialog box is it not suppose to come up in the OS language currently set on the machine?

When I get assigned bugs for built in/Microsoft MSI dialog boxes I usually send the bug back stating that these are internal dialog boxes that we do not have much control over, but I figured that I would response here just to find out for certain if there is anything that can be done about these dialog boxes.

So any insight into these would be helpful.

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Level 6

The dialog showing "Windows Installer" - "Preparing to install..." is, as the caption indicates, by Windows Installer. You cannot localize the text using InstallShield.
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Level 7

That's about the only dialog you cannot change. This is displayed by installer whilst it is trying to cache and open your package. All other 'built-in' dialogues can be changed
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Level 9

Thanks, I figured that was the case but I just wanted to make sure. 🙂
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