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RegTypLib.exe Registeration

During the installation of StandAlone 2010 sp1 installation, i followed the following link

InstallShield 2010 Standalone sp1 build installed successfully, In above installation link "Manually Registering Files for the Standalone Build" heading says to manually register the "RegTypLib.exe", I not able to find the file in specified path.

Another file("RegTypeLib.exe") present in that path , i try to register that "RegTypeLib.exe" file it throws the following message.

please checkk it is necessary to register "RegTypLib.exe"
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Level 17

Well, that help topic doesn't say to register RegTypeLib.exe. It says to use RegTypeLib.exe to manually register files such as IsmAuto.tlb and ISBE.dll, if necessary.

If you installed the Standalone Build on your machine by running the installation, there is typically no need to manually register any files.

I hope that helps.
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Level 7

Thanks DebbieL..
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