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Level 2

Redistributes fail to show up in selection display

After downloading the required software to 2015LE\SetupPrerequisites folder; the selection view/pane never updates even after restarting the Installshield? Is there some other way to refresh this view because MSI will not deploy correctly without selecting the required software.
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Level 6 Flexeran
Level 6 Flexeran

Which prerequisite where you using ?
Did you download the files by "right clicking > download selected item" or did you download it from outside of InstallShield?

InstallShield does look for a specific file name in a specific folder location in order to be seen as "Installed Locally" in the redistributables view.
If the folder location or the file name is different than what InstallShield is looking for, then it will continue to display as "needs to be downloaded"
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