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Level 3

Real Support for the Desperate

I have the Free LE version to use on my own projects. I know the idea of a free product is to entice you to buy the full product, and there is usually no support (other than community support) for free versions of anything.


I have been sitting here for 3 days fighting this damn thing, the docs are incomprehensible to me, and the community (God bless you, seriously) though kind and usually helpful, takes way too long to respond, and half the time it takes a week or more to get it down to a workable solution. I can't just tell my client "The software is done, but hang on for a week while I figure out the Installshield build".

Is there any way to - I don't know - get a REAL PERSON on the phone or something to help me figure this **** out in - say - a couple hours? Is there a support option like that?

Because my experience with InstallShield LE so far is that it's cryptic, poorly documented, and fails frequently for no discernible reason. Not much of an endorsement for the paid product.
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Level 9

The paid product is about the same, just does more things - to get a real person on the phone from Flexera you'll need to purchase the full product along with a support contract of either Silver or Gold level - the Bronze level, at least last I checked, didn't include phone support - only online support from them.

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Level 7

So what is the problem that you are trying to solve?
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