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Reactivation of Installshiel Express 2014


I have a license for Installshield Express 2014 bought in April 2015. I use it rarely (I am retired) and only on a computer which normally is not connected to internet.

Now that I would like to build an installation, Installshield tells me I have to reactivate, but it doesn’t work, I get an error 51406 “Fulfillment record is disabled”.

What does this mean, and how can I reactivate my Installshield? I have also tried the offline reactivation but do not understand what I should do with the activation.xml I received.

Thanks for your help!

André Kahlmann
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Level 3

My problem has been solved thanks to instructions from Flexera support.

Ett stort tack till dem! / Un grand merci à eux !
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