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Reactivation failure -

[I have posted a similar thread meanwhile I can't see it. If it is duplicated, please remove one of it.]

We have a win7(x32) PC with installshield 2010 installed. It is in powered off state for months. We found that it can't boot yesterday when we try to use it. Then we pull out the hard disk and put it in a new PC with the same model. After we launch install shield, it ask for reactivation. Fortunately we have the old pc fixed by replacing the power supply. Then we put the hard disk back and launch install shield, it still ask for a reactivation. We followed the process to do online activation and got error code of "50040". Then we use offline activation by sending mail to "". We got license response file from "". We apply it meanwhile install shield 2010 still ask for reactivation. What should we do to make it work?

PS: The original user has left our company. We use a different account in this PC and it worked fine last time we used (months ago).
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We are having the reactivation issues as well. Comes back every year.
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Haven't launched my IS 2011 express in quite a while. I get an error 50040, online activation fails, I have attempted offline registration by sending the request and receiving the response. I had to change the dword value to 1 in the registry to open the dialogue box to paste the response in.

I got a response that the activation was successful but upon launch I get the same message.

I've resent the request once and received a new response with the same result. On the advise of one troubleshoot article I opened a command prompt window to cd to Installshiled\....System and use tsconfig. I would hope that Flexara would have a more elegant way around this issue.
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