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Flexera beginner

Re-installing installshield 2010 Express

We have been using installshield2010 Express forever...we need minimal stuff so it works for us.

The bad news, we had a hard drive failure and reinstalled Installshield 2010 and activated it just fine. However all our installs are built with the SP1 with hotfix 52410, and we cannot find an install for that update.

The update for installshield 2010 is not connecting to the server and poppingup the error 13030 so we cannot see or get the updates...

As such our existing builds do not work...any advice??


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Flexera banna_k

Re: Re-installing installshield 2010 Express

Hi @mraxware,


  See whether you can download the SP1 from the PLC(product Licensing Portal) with the credential provided ( )


Or you can contact Flexera support on this, you can get the details from the below links depending on your region:

Or you can also contact via mail,


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