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QuickPatch Help Needed!!

Hi All!

I am facing issues with a QuickPatch project I have created. The build seems to be fine, I am just replacing two or three files from my original msi by choosing "Files to Patch", and specifying the file I would like to replace them with in the right hand pane.

However, once I run the exe for the QuickPatch, it halts with this error:

Error 2715: The specified file key [......] not found in the File Table.

I checked up the file key in the msi I am patching, and it turns out it's one of the files I've chosen as a "File to Patch". So why on earth is this happening? I've checked, and it's not a key file of its component either, so the file key definitely hasn't changed.

I would like to mention here that I am running only two of my original custom actions from the msi being patched in the QuickPatch project. Is that of any consequence?

I have also only chose "Files to Patch" and specified the corresponding files I would like to replace them with. I have no "inserted any new files".

Please help!
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Level 3

Hi Guys!

Please can someone here help me with this? I'm utterly lost. 😞
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Level 3

So what I did is check all boxes for the following in the "Files to Patch" explorer for files I want to replace:

"Check this box to have the patch delete this file from the setup."

And I added the new replacement files manually in the same "Files to Patch" explorer.

Now I get a new error:

Error 2727: The directory entry '[2]' does not exist in the Directory table.

I'm totally lost here. Please help me!!
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