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Level 7

Question about verifying my IS2009 license


I recently got a new computer and I need to transfer the IS2009 license from my old machine onto this new one. In IS2010 there's a nice feature that lets you release a license, but this feature is not in IS2009. I think it may do it automatically if I uninstall the 2009 off my old machine, but I'm not sure about that and I need to have a working version.

So how do I transfer the license from one machine to another?

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Level 6

I tried to re-install & activate again IS2009 after a system crash a got a mail to inform me, that my software can't be activated cause I've activated another installation. The mail contained this sentence, that my answer your question:

"Please also recognize that if you need to move this license you must first deactivate by uninstalling from the previous machine, then install as needed to ensure proper usage and access."

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