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Silent Installation with Optional Prerequisites

Hello All,

I have a Installscript MSI project and I added two setup prerequisites which needs to be optional. I now want to add silent installation feature to my installer. I generated a response file setup.iss but I don't see a way to choose Yes/No for installing the optional prerequisites.

If I run it in silent mode using -s switch, then the prerequisites are installed by default.

How do I make the prerequisites optional in silent installations? If thats not possible, is there a way to change the default value to No?

Any help is greatly appreciated.
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The response file for an InstallScript MSI installation allows you to specify default values for all of the IS MSI dialogs seen to facilitate a silent install. But since Setup Prerequisites are handled by Setup.exe before launching the IS MSI installation, the response file does not apply to Setup Prerequisites.

During a silent installation, setup prerequisites will be installed if the condition of the prerequisite indicates that it needs to be installed. This is also the normal behavior when the install is run with full UI.

I don't believe there is any command line switch to force setup prerequisites to install or not install during a silent install.

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