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Level 7

Question about applying a transform

I have successfully created a single transform *.Mst file that can be applied at the command line, using setup.exe with command line parameters. No problem.

I would like for the customer to be able to apply the transform by double-clicking setup.exe in the "usual" fashion. I used the Transform Wizard to create the *.Mst file, and it left the original *.msi file unchanged. Is there a way to "store" the transform internally in the *.msi file, such that the user can avoid the command line approach entirely?
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Level 3

Write a batch file with the correct command line and ask the user to double click the batch file instead.

also MST's need to be on the local HDD in order to apply. if you launch from a UNC or mapped drive, the changes in the MST will not apply.
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