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Level 5

Query to Create a new Database using Basic MSI

hey all,
i'm pretty new to installshield. Can anyone of you suggest me with some tips as to which type of project suits my requirement. Please suggest as to how to proceed.

my requirement is somewhat like this
i have an sql script which creates a database now i gotta create an installer which takes the input from the user which goes as the Database name and use this name to update my script first and then create the database.

Suggest me some tips to proceed and achieve this...
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Level 5


The Text replacement feature works really fine in basic msi type of project.

But if i make use of [IS_SQLSERVER_DATABASE] and [INSTALLDIR] propeties in Text replacement feature of InstallScript type of project it returns blank and installation i doing something wrong or did i miss out anything ???
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Level 17

Since InstallScript projects do not support Windows Installer properties, you need to use InstallScript's Text Substitutions. Please see this thread for more information.
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Level 3

I am using IS 2009 SP2 and encountered a similar problem with SQL replacements but the attached dll didn't help me. Please advise, what to do.

My installation is required to be run in a command line mode. It is bacis MSI. In normal UI mode it works just fine, however running the command fails - provided properties do not override initial values and SQL connection fails on attempt to connect to the wrong SQL server.
Need advice ASAP please!
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