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Public document folder

I want to install some access database example files that should be accessable by all users.
The nature of these database example files require that they are located in a folder where user has read and write permissions, and a location where the user can actualy find them.

The best way to do this I thought was to store these files in the "all user\Documents" However this location changes from OS to OS.
I found various environment paths in installshield but non that is for All User Documents.

Did I miss it? or is there an ohter way to select this location in the installation?
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Level 5

Why not try setting up a shared folder with full permissions. This would then be


Check this thread, I managed to do something very similar using this:
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Level 4

Thats a bit much, not all our customers would allow this.

Microsoft has created these public document folders. I just want to figure out how to install files to them through installshield.

To be more exact I whish to install files in:
CommonDocuments folder specified by .net (see MSDN)

Any tips how to do this?
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Level 6

I'm not sure,but you may be able to use %ALLUSERSPROFILE% environment variable.

Example: the case of using INSTALLDIR.

1. Set component destination to INSTALLDIR.

2. Create setting property custom action

3. Set the following settings.

PropertyName :[INSTALLDIR]
InstallUI Sequence:
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