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Include prerequisites in setup.msi

I am making a Basic MSI project. Requirement is to make the setup.msi instead of setup.exe. There are some prerequisites which are to be installed before installing my application. Initially i have included the prerequisites but installshield gave error saying setup.msi cannot be created with prerequisites. When i removed the prerequisite setup.msi is created.

Is there any way to include the prerequisite in setup.msi or is there any way to ensure that prerequisites are installed in the user's system.
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Re: Include prerequisites in setup.msi

You can use 'System search' function in order to figure out whether a system meets the installation requirement or not.

Or,I don't think it's recommended way but you can include your prerequisites into your msi file to use the following step.

In [Application Data]-[redistributable]view. Select the prerequisites.
In the below [Conditional Installation]view,check out [Install before feature selection], check in any feature.
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