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Prompting for user input

I'm new to using installshield and have sucessfully packaged my applciation. i want to try and take it a step further and capture some general user information during the install if i can like either prompting email address. is this possible and how would i go about doing this? thanks in advance for the help.
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Re: Prompting for user input

To do this you will need to display some type of custom dialog and showing how to do this is a bit cumbersome for a public forum like this.

First, we have no idea of the installation type you are using. e.g., InstallScript, InstallScript MSI, Basic MSI, Suite / Advance UI?
In all cases the help documentation can get you started on creating a custom dialog and how to handle the data collected from a custom dialog.

If you still need help reply back with information about the install type you are using and what you have tried so far and the results of your attempts.
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