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Program is in Add/Remove multiple times


Only one of my many installshield 2010 projects ends up putting an entry into Add/Remove programs every time. I go through the same process as my others, where the version, package code and product code are changed between versions. This was originally copied from an existing project that still works fine.

Any ideas what to look for?

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Hello Bill,

the same was in my projects. My projects where build with IS10.5 Pro. After an automatic conversion I detected several problems with these projects:
- Uninstall does'nt work correct
- More than one entry in the Add-/Reomve programs panel
- ...

With the efford of more than 10 hours I created a project from scratch and merged my existign IS10.5 Pro project to the IS2010 project. After this doing all works as expected.

HTH Alex
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Flexera Alumni

If you're changing the product code value for each version, Windows Installer assumes each version is an unrelated product, and therefore creates separate uninstall information for each one.

Depending on what you'd like to do, you might consider not changing the product code, but changing the least significant digit in the product version and changing the package code (by default, InstallShield does this each build). For your own testing, InstallShield has an uninstall-before-installing setting that gets rid of an old version when you run the new one from the InstallShield environment.

If you want to change the product code but uninstall old versions when you install new ones, you can teach Windows Installer that they're connected by defining a major upgrade.
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Thanks for the response. It is odd that I've been doing the same thing for the last 4 years and this project has been copied from an existing project that works just fine when I change the product code and it doesn't have a minor or major upgrade in it.

There is something that has been changed, probably by me, but I can't find it. When I compare all the settings to the original project, they are the same.

I'll do some more testing with not changing the product code if you don't have anything else for me to look at.
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